Mond'sub Vitality Dew Glistening and Glowing Facial Mask Sheets 10 g x 30

  • Injects moisture to the bottom of the skin. Makes skin transparent and bright
  • Increases skin elasticity and lustre. Gives skin a relaxing experience
  • Please apply every second day. Pack of 10 to be consumed in 20 days
  • Glowing facial mask
  • For best results zip lock properly and keep in fridge or cool dry place

Use this product every morning, it will bring you better result. Effects: injects moisture to the bottom of the skin, coagulation locks the moisture and lets water embellish into the skin. Makes skin transparent and bright, increases skin elasticity, brings luster to the skin, gives the skin a relaxing experience. Usage: rinse and cleanse your face dry. Tear open the seal bag, and then open the zip lock bag, take out one facial mask according to the stacking sequence, from the top to the bottom of the zip lock seal. Open the facial mask and apply the mask on the face. Adjust the facial mask on the face to make it contact with the skin well. Leave the mask on for about 15-20 minutes. Remove the mask, massage excess essence into skin gently and then rinse the face. Tips: please zip the bag carefully after using the mask in order to prevent the facial mask going dry. Store in cool dark place and avoid direct sun exposure. Please do an allergy test on local skin before using this product. Apply little liquid behind the ear skin, if no reaction safe to use.

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